Worldremit: How to Send and Receive Money (All You Need to Know)

Worldremit: How to Send and Receive Money

Worldremit is a money transfer service founded by Ismail Ahmed (who founded it somewhat frustrating sending money to his relatives in Somaliland using offline, agent-based services while studying for an MBA in London), Catherine Wines, and Richard Igoe in 2010.

The financial institution provides international remittance to expatriates and migrant workers, and as of December 2017, the company had around 2 million users.

In this article, you’ll learn how to send and receive money with Worldremit, and all the payment methods available so you can use the method that is most suitable for you.

Sending Money Using Worldremit

Worldremit currently supports sending money from 50+ countries; that means, you can only send money if the country you’re sending from – the country you’ll be in when making the transaction – is on the list. The list of countries supported by Worldremit is here on this page; check the list to confirm you can send from your location.

The process of sending money is in four simple stages.

The first stage: Select country, how you want to send, and enter amount.

Form to select country, how to send, and amount - Worldremit

  • Open in your web browser.
  • Select the country you’re sending to.
  • Select service i.e. how you want to pay.
    • Bank Transfer – A bank transfer is a payment made by Worldremit directly into your recipient’s bank account. (See list of supported countries)
    • Cash Pickup – Is a payment by Worldremit that your recipient can collect as cash. (See list of supported countries)
    • Mobile Money – It is an electronic wallet service that is a popular alternative to bank accounts. (See list of supported countries)
    • Airtime Top Up – This option lets you recharge your recipient’s pre-paid mobile phone call plan. (See list of supported countries)
    • Pay to Card – A pre-paid card is a card that your recipient loads with money to pay for goods or services. (This option is currently available for transfers to Zimbabwe only)
    • Door-to-door – This option makes Worldremit deliver physical cash to your recipient’s home address. (This option is currently available for transfers to Vietnam only)
  • Enter the amount you want to send.
  • Click the green ‘Send’ button; you should be redirected to a new page to sign up.

The second stage: Sign up.

Sign up page - Worldremit

  • On the sign up page, fill in the necessary information.
  • The country you’re sending from should be the country you’re in.
  • It is important you use a name that is on your driving license or passport; this is useful for verification purposes.
  • It is also advisable you use a strong password.
  • After filling in the details, click the blue ‘Submit and Create Account’ button.

The third stage: Enter recipient’s details.

Add recipient to send money to - Worldremit

  • On the new page, you’ll fill in your recipient’s – the person you’re sending to – details.
  • Make sure every detail you fill in is accurate. You should ask the recipient for anything you don’t know, or are not sure of.
  • After the completion of the form, click on the blue ‘Next’ button.

The fourth stage: Make the Payment.

Payment page - Worldremit

Here, you’ll select the payment method that is most comfortable for you.

The payment methods available are:

  • Debit/Credit Card – This method lets you make the transaction using your debit/credit card.
  • Sofort Banking – This option allows you to pay directly from your bank account; however, there’s a limit to how much you can send per day.
  • Bank Account – This option is similar to Sofort Banking. It lets you pay directly from your account after the completion of the transaction. Also, it has a limit to how much you can send per day.

Select the payment method that suits you, enter the necessary information, and complete the transaction.

That’s on all sending; let’s move to receiving money transfers by Worldremit.

How to Receive Money Transfers by Worldremit

Receiving money transfers by Worldremit is quite easy and hassle free.

The first thing I’ll advise you do is ask the sender which service was used when making the transaction, so you’ll know how your money will roll in.

If the transfer is yet to be made and you’ll like to know the best payment option to receive it through, read the services I listed in first Stage under Sending Money Using Worldremit above, and then tell the sender to use the service that’s most suitable for you when making the transaction.

For bank transfers, mobile money transfers, airtime top ups, pay to card transfers, you really do not need to do much to receive your money.

For bank transfers, you should receive your money into your bank account within one working day; for airtime top ups, you’ll receive the airtime almost instantly; for mobile money, you’ll receive your money into your mobile money wallet; for pay to card transfers, you’ll receive your money into your pre-paid card account almost instantly.

For Cash Pick Up, funds are usually available to collect instantly; however, you’ll need a Valid photo ID that shows your full name (and matching the name supplied by the sender during the transaction), and the transaction reference number that will have been sent to you by SMS once the payment is available for collection.

For Door-to-Door payments, you’ll need a valid photo ID whose details match the details the sender supplied when making the transaction and the transaction reference number that will have been sent to you via SMS once the transaction has been authorised.

That’s all on receiving money transfers by Worldremit. Indeed stress free!


Worldremit may not be the best platform to transfer money; however, it’s indeed a good option among many, especially if you’re an expatriate or migrant worker trying to send money to your family or loved ones back at home.

Worldremit has over two million users; this also shows, to some extent, how good and reliable the platform seems to be.

In case of any enquiry or complain, you can simply put a mail across via the service’s Contact us page or rather call +44 20 7148 5800 from anywhere in the world.

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