3 Ways to Opt Out of All Airtel Data Plans

How to Opt Out of All Airtel Data Plans

What is more frustrating after subscribing to a data plan that didn’t satisfy you is not being able to opt out of it.

All these mobile networks allow the cancellation of data plans, including our very Airtel, but not all let the way be clearly known really.

Airtel is even better; they ask if you’ll like to activate auto-renewal at the point of subscribing to most data plans. But then again, what if you’d like to opt out later on? That’s a case.

In this article, I’ll show you 3 different ways to opt out of all airtel data plans or cancel their auto-renewals.

How to Stop Auto-Renewal on Airtel

This is quite a very easy thing to do.

Follow the instruction below to cancel auto-renewal of all data plans on your Airtel line:

  • On your mobile phone where your Airtel line is, go to Messages or wherever you can send an SMS.
  • Compose and send “STOP” to 141
  • Wait for confirmation of cancellation of auto-renewal.

Opting Out of Any Data Plan Via Airtel Care on Twitter

This is one method most people don’t even know about.

Airtel has a Twitter account opened to just provide customer care. The support this handle offers is quite amazing. If you use Twitter, this is a sure one for you.

To opt out of any Airtel data plan this way, follow the below procedure:

  • Log on to Twitter using the mobile app or in your web browser.
  • Search for @airtel_care
  • Open up the handle.
  • Shoot them a DM mentioning you want your data plan cancelled, mention the plan, and include your mobile number.

For example, “Please, I need help cancelling Daily WhatsApp Sub Auto-Renewal on my line. My number is: 09028970650.”

When your request has been attended to, you’ll receive a reply from the handle to let you know.

Opting Out of Any Airtel Data Plan Via The Customer Care Line

I’ll call this a sure last recourse.

Customer care supports are there to provide support for customers, aren’t they? Why then should we tell them you need to opt out of your Airtel data plan and they won’t do just that?

The thing here is to call the Airtel customer care line on 111 and let them know what plan you need to opt out of. It is also advised you call with the same line you have issue with.

Hope this piece has been of any help to you?

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