Login Into Your Giftalworld Member Account

How to Login Into Your Giftalworld Account

There are quite a number of get rich schemes in the country now and Giftalworld is just one of the new waves.

Giftalworld claims it operates worldwide and has partnered with companies like Flutterwave to make its operations outside the country possible.

The program works basically on referrals. Users also make money by reading posts, commenting, sharing news, daily logins, and more.

Not much needs to be said. If you’re searching for the login page, then you’re definitely a member of the program already.

This article will show you the way to login into your Giftalworld account so you can just continue with making your cool money. Let’s get to that already, shall we?

How to Login Into Your Giftalworld Account

  • Open the Giftalworld Login Page in any web browser.
  • Scroll down the page till you see a login fom.
  • Input your Username and Password that you registered with.
  • Tick the Remember Me box if you would like the website to automatically log you in when next you open it.
  • Tap on the Login button afterwards.

And that’s it; easy-peasy!

Things You May Want to Do After Logging In

How to copy your Giftalworld referral link?

After logging into your account, on your dashboard, click on Marketing. Copy out your referral link there.

How to register people with your Giftalworld referral link and get your bonus?

After copying the referral link, logout from your account; open the copied link in another tab of your browser and fill the necessary details of the person you’re referring.

How to share sponsored posts?

After logging into your account, click on Sponsored Post; download the images of the sponsored post of that day; copy the text; open your Facebook account afterwards (the one attached to your Giftalworld account) and share the post on your timeline.

The question of if Giftalworld is 100% legit can’t really be answered by me; however, the program boasts of being a registered company under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with registration number 2680874.

Have you been using Giftalworld? What’s your review of the program?


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