How to Write a Nigerian Phone Number in International Format

How to write a nigerian phone number in international format

The international format of a phone number is as simple as writing ABC before DEF; but then again, if one has no clue about what it should look like or how to format it, it could be a little bit knotty.

The issue of international format of numbers is most important when it comes to contacting someone in another country different from the one you’re currently in or when someone outside the country needs to contact you.

The number 08012345678 might just be someone else’s number in another country, and if you do not write it in it’s international format correctly, someone outside the country might just end up contacting someone else while trying to contact you.

This article will put you through on how to correctly write your Nigerian number in international format so you’ll never end up a victim of the above mentioned issue.

How to Write Your Nigerian Phone Number in International Format

To write your Nigerian phone number in international format, simply do the following:

  • Write down your number in a notepad or on a sheet of paper
  • On another line, write ‘+234’
  • After the ‘+234’, just after ‘4’, re-write your mobile number without the first ‘0’

Above, 08012345678, for example, will turn to +2348012345678. That’s your Nigerian mobile number in international format.

How to Validate Your International Phone Number Is Correct

Even after carefully formatting your number, you might have made a mistake here or there. Follow the below steps to check if you’ve written the number correctly as it should be:

  • Open Phone Number Parser demo in your web browser
  • After the page has loaded, enter your number (e.g. 08012345678) in the text field under Step 1
  • Enter your country’s CLDR two-letter region code in the text field in Step 2. Enter ‘NG’ for Nigeria
  • Skip Step 3 and tap on Submit

On the next screen, under the Formatting Results table, your number should be written in it’s E164 format, International format, Out-of-country format from US, and Out-of country format from CH. If you otherwise see ‘invalid’ in these spaces, there’s an error somewhere and the number has not been formatted correctly.

At the end of the page, you should also see tables that shows Location, Timezone, and Carrier. If not, the number has not been formatted correctly too.

Below is an example of what your result should look like.

Result of International Number Validation


Every country has it’s code for international level calling or messaging and ‘+234’ is Nigeria’s.

Whenever there’s need to use your phone number for international purposes, it’s the international format you got earlier that you’ll use.

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