How to Subscribe to a 9mobile (Etisalat) Data Plan

How to Subscribe to a 9mobile (Etisalat) Data Plan

From using social media, search engines, applications, to playing online games and all, you’d agree with me that data is the new life, isn’t it?

In this age, if you don’t have data, you’re close to not existing – or say some of us feel disconnected from the rest of the world.

9mobile (formerly Etisalat) is one of the network providers in Nigeria. Aside the primary calling services, it allows its users browse the internet too. However, we both know you can only surf the internet if you have data.

In this article, I’ll show you how to subscribe to or buy a data plan on 9mobile so could get connected and browse the internet seemlessly too. All you need do is follow through calmly.

Subscribing to a 9mobile Data Plan Using USSD Codes

There are different ways to subscribing to a data plan, and one very common method is to use USSD codes.

Subscribing to a 9mobile Data Plan Using USSD Code

USSD codes are those strings we dial on our mobile phones that are usually in this format: *123# or *222*1#

There are like 100 different (exaggerated though) USSD codes to subscribe to or buy a data plan on 9mobile and I’ll be showing you them all here:

Daily 10MB N50 *229*3*8# 24 hours
Daily 40MB N100 *229*3*1# 24 hours
150MB N200 *229*2*10# 7days
500MB N500 *229*2*12# 30days
500MB N500 *229*2*11# 30days
1GB N1,000 *229*2*22# 30days
1.5GB N1,200 *229*2*25# 30days
2.5GB N2,000 *229*2*44# 30days
4GB N3,000 *229*2*35# 30days
5GB N3,500 *229*2*33# 30days
5.5GB N4,000 *229*2*36# 30days
11.5GB N8,000 *229*2*55# 30days
15GB N10,000 *229*4*1# 30days
27.5GB N18,000 229*4*3# 30days
Quaterly plan (30GB) N27,500 *229*5*1# 90days
Bi-annual plan (60GB) N55,000 *229*5*2# 120days
100GB Plan N84,992 *229*4*5# 130 days
Annual plan (120GB) N110,000 *229*5*3# 365 days
1GB night only plan (12am -5am) N200 *229*3*11# 1day
2GB evening & weekend plan (7PM – 7AM) and the whole of weekend N1000 *229*3*12# 30days
5GB evening & weekend plan (7PM – 7AM) and the whole of weekend N2000 *229*3*13#
100MB whatsapp (24/7)

Aside the already listed plans, 9mobile offers yet another thing called the Smartpaks. There are three types of Smartpaks: the chat pak, the social me pak, and the video pak.

The chat pak gives you access to Whatsapp, WeChat, and BBM. The social me pak gives you access to the already mentioned apps in the chat pak, now including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Eskimi. The video pak gives you access to unlimited streaming.

The Smartpaks are further broken down into plans. Here are the codes to subscribe to a Smartpak plan:

Daily chat pak N50 *343*5*5# 24 hours
Weekly chat pak N150 *343*5*6# 7days
Monthly chat pak N400 *343*5*7# 30days
Daily social pak N100 *343*6*7# 24hours
Weekly social pak N300 343*6*8# 7days
Monthly social pak N700 *343*6*9# 30days
2hours video pak N400 *229*3*5# 2hours
3hours video pak + 3days free streaming at night N500 *253*1# 3days
7hours video pak + 7days free streaming at night N1,000 *253*2# 7days
Special smart chat pak + additional 1.5GB data N500 *343*5*10# 7days
Special smart social pak + additional 2GB data N700 *343*6*12# 7days

Buying a 9mobile Data Plan from Your Bank Account

Banking institutions have improved their services so much that you could do a lot of things right from the comfort of your mobile phone. One of those lots of things is subscribing to a mobile data plan directly from your bank account.

Buying 9mobile Data Plan from Your Bank Account

Although the steps to buying a data plan from your account differs for each bank, there’s, however, similarities in the whole process. The procedures below will work for most banks:

  • From the mobile number you registered with your bank, dial your bank’s USSD code, navigate and select Data or so, select which network (in this case 9mobile) you’re subscribing, select the plan, enter your PIN or token and confirm the transaction.
  • If you use a mobile banking app instead, log in, navigate to and select Data, select 9mobile, select your desired plan, input your PIN and confirm the transaction.

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