How to Print NYSC Green Card (2019)

How to Print NYSC Green Card

NYSC online registration is currently going on and part of the process is printing your NYSC Green Card.

NYSC Green Card is a slip you’ll print after successfully registering on NYSC website. The card helps in clarifying that you’ve paid and as well registered for the NYSC online registration for mobilization.

The NYSC Green Card is only obtainable online and the steps to getting it are explained just below.

How to Print Your NYSC Green Card

Note: Before proceeding with printing your Green Card, you must have already submitted your online application.

To print your NYSC Green Card, do the following:

  1. Open in any web browser.
  2. After the page has fully loaded, look for Login Here link on the page and click it.
  3. On the next page, enter your account details – your registered email and password – then click the Resume
  4. Within your dashboard, under your basic details, look for the Print Slip button and click it.
  5. A new screen will come up showing a preview of your NYSC Green Card. On the top right corner of the preview is a small icon resembling a printer; click on it to print the slip. To save the slip in a PDF format file instead, click on the other small icon beside the print icon.

What’s Next After Printing the NYSC Green Card?

Remember I already mentioned the Green Card will help clarify you. You have to sign – using a pen – on the printed slip then take the signed copy to NYSC camp. It is advisable you make a photocopy of the slip – you may need it later on.

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Good luck becoming a member of the National Youth Service Corps!

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    I want to check if my green card is out is saying. I have not make payment. I have don that a day ago….pls help

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    I try prinitnig it but is not responding, I don’t know what to do , or should I go to the cafe so that they will print it for me?

    • WaleRazaq

      Are you sure you’ve successfully registered? Or probably there’s an issue with the platform. Keep trying Agatha

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    • WaleRazaq

      ABS, what exactly is or do you think is the problem? You can’t find the Print Slip button? I’ll say you give the process time.

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    good morning pls can I still have access to print my registration slip after 2days of online registration

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    pls can I still have access to print registration slip after a successful registration 2days ago?

    • WaleRazaq

      Happiness, if you’re talking about your green card, yes you should be able to print it after just two days of registration

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    the option for print slip is not showing on my dashboard, what do i do, urgent please

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