Login Into Your NYSC Portal Dashboard (2019)

Quick instruction: Open NYSC Portal and click on Login Here to login into your NYSC dashboard.

How to Login Into Your NYSC Portal Dashboard

National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, is a program started in 1973 by the Nigerian government. The scheme is aimed at reconciliation, rebuilding, and reconstructing of the country after the civil war.

As a corp member, you have an account online which you’ll regularly login into during your period of registration and whenever else there’s need to.

I’d be explaining how to login into your NYSC account and perform other operations in this article. Kindly follow through.

How to Login Into Your NYSC Account

Follow the below steps to easily login into your NYSC dashboard:

  1. Open NYSC website in your web browser.
  2. After the page has full loaded, find and click on the link that says Login Here.NYSC Homepage
  3. On the next screen, enter your login information that you registered with.
  4. Click on the green Resume button after.

If the details you entered are correct, you should be taken to your dashboard.

What’s Next After Logging Into Your NYSC Dashboard?

These next parts, I’ll be explaining few of the things you can do within your dashboard; things like: how to print your NYSC green card or your NYSC call-up letter. They’re not that hard to do, just follow through.

How to print your NYSC Green Card

The Green Card is not really a green card like the name implies. It’s only a slip that helps in clarifying that you’ve paid and as well registered for NYSC mobilization.

To print your own NYSC Green Card, click on the Print Slip button under your basic details within your dashboard.

It’s either the file starts downloading immediately or it’s preview shown on the next screen. If shown on the next screen, print or download the file from there.

How to print your NYSC Call-Up letter

The call-up letter holds the address to your orientation camp; this is where you’ll go for your orientation exercise.

To print your NYSC call-up letter, simply find a link that says Print Call-Up Letter within your dashboard and click on it. It’s that simple.

And that’s all on this article, I hope you’ll find no struggle in logging into and using your NYSC Dashboard again.

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