How to Login Into Your NYSC Portal Account

How to Login Into Your NYSC Portal Account

National Youth Service Corps, NYSC – as known by majority – is a program that has been running since 1973 in Nigeria. The government of the country established this program to promote the country’s development and growth. For a year, every graduate from higher educational institutions across Nigeria becomes a member of the organisation and participate in the national service of the country.

In the process of becoming a member of organisation, qualified individuals have to go through some series of processes, which includes printing green card, printing call-up letter, and more, all of which can only be done on the NYSC portal itself.

Although logging into the NYSC portal isn’t any hard, it can, however, be troubling if one doesn’t know the right place to go or how to go about it. This post will thoroughly put you through on how to login into the portal; all you need do is follow through carefully.

How to Login Into NYSC Portal

Be aware that you must have previously registered for NYSC to be able to login into your account on the portal. If you haven’t already registered, please do.

To login into your account on the NYSC portal, simply follow the below procedure:

  • Open in any web browser.
  • After the page has fully loaded, find and click on the link that says “Login Here”.NYSC Portal
  • On the next screen, input your registered email address and password in the text fields.
  • Click on the green “Resume” button.NYSC Portal Login Page
  • And that’s it. If your login details are correct, you should be taken to your dashboard.

What’s next after Logging in?

Here’s a quick run-through on how to perform some of the tasks that might have required you to want to login into your account.

  • Check NYSC Posting (Also known as Green Card or Personal Details Slip): The green card is a slip that clarifies that you have successfully registered for NYSC and as well show where you have been posted. To see this, find a button that says “Print Slip” within your dashboard and click on it, the slip will come up on the next screen where you can as well print or download it.
  • Print NYSC Call-Up Letter: Directly below the Print Slip button is another button that says “Print Call-Up Letter”; click on the button, you should see the letter on the next screen and as well be able to print or download it.

That’s all on logging into NYSC portal. Hope this article was helpful? If yes, remember to share it across to other corps members that might need it too. Enjoy your youth service!

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