How to Chat With UBA’s Leo on WhatsApp

How to Chat with UBA's Leo on WhatsApp

How about you opening an account, checking your bank account balance, making transfers, buying airtime for yourself and others directly from WhatsApp?

How cool would that be?

“Extremely cool!”, I guess you’d say.

That’s exactly what Leo is all about. Leo is a banking bot owned by UBA that’s available on Facebook and WhatsApp. The bot is an artificial intelligence personality that is designed to make banking way seemless.

You – “Hello”

Leo – “Hello! I am Leo and I can help you send money, top-up,check your balance and more.
Do you have a UBA Account?
1. Yes
2. No”

You – “2”

Leo – “Oh, that is no problem, I can help you open a new UBA account right away.
I will be able to also help you with other UBA services after your account is opened.
Would you like to continue?

Banking with Leo is that easy!

In this article, I’ll show you how to go about chatting with Leo on WhatsApp.

How to Chat With UBA’s Leo on WhatsApp

To chat up Leo, simply follow these few steps:

  • Save Leo’s number as a contact on your smartphone: +234 903 000 2455.
  • Proceed to WhatsApp > Contacts and search the number with whatever you saved it with.
  • Send Leo a message to begin with.

You can also just message Leo directly from here without you having to save the number just yet.

  • Click on this link to open up Leo in WhatsApp.
  • Send a message to begin a conversation.
  • You might want to save the contact after this so it’ll be easier to identify it among your chats.

Leo can help you check your account balance, make transfers, freeze your account, get mini statements, and so much more. The bot can even tell you the weather!

Awesomeness at its peak, isn’t it?

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