3 Ways to Effectively Cancel All Glo Data Subscriptions

How to cancel a Glo data plan

Glo is the true ‘grandmaster of data’, we can’t really argue that. It’s robust data plans are incomparable to any other network’s. However, the network has got its downsides too

When you subscribe to a data plan on Glo, it automatically renews when it finishes. Even if you do not have sufficient airtime then, it’ll calmly wait till you recharge.

What if you’re no more interested in the plan? How do you stop autorenewal? Now that’s an issue; it’s not one so simple thing to do on Glo, although very possible.

In this article, I’ll guide you through 3 possible ways to cancel your Glo data plan and make sure it never autorenews no matter what.

The Simple Way of Cancelling Autorenewal on Glo

The is the easiest and simplest way of cancelling your Glo data plan. All you need do is send CANCEL to 127. You will receive a confirmation message like below afterwards.

Dear customer, your data plan auto renewal feature has been cancelled.

The problem with this method is it only works while your data plan is still active.

If you try this when your plan has already expired, you’ll get the same confirmation message but your plan has actually not been cancelled. And when next you recharge? You surely can fill in what will happen next.

And that takes us to the next possible way to cancel your Glo data plan…

The Customer Support Never Fails, Right?

This method is a sure bet anyday.

The customer care are there to help out customers, aren’t they? Why then should you sweat so hard on a simple data cancellation? That shouldn’t be.

Call on the Glo customer care line on 121, wait till you’re put through to a customer care representative and let out the issue. Most times, they’ll help out with the cancellation instantly.

How About Using Twitter to Cancel Your Glo Data Plan?

That’s actually not the case Twitter itself can’t cancel your data plan. However, we can reach the right help through Twitter.

Glo has a customer care handle on Twitter which you can just easily tweet at whenever you need their support with anything.

Although, I’ll not so say this method is so effective; however, it sure works.

All you need do is tweet at @GloCare describing the issue and the help you need with it (in this case, data plan cancellation.)

If help comes, thanks to Jah. If it doesn’t, ermm, try calling 121 again. Who knows? Maybe they’ve acutally been waiting for your call.

Hope this article was helpful? If you’re encountering any issue anywhere or have anything to say, let me know in the comments section. You have a nice day!

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